Simi Linton, a wheelchair-riding social activist, takes us out dancing with the avant-garde of disabled artists and radical thinkers - unstoppable in their quest for “equality, justice, and a place on the dance floor!"


Last night the crowdfunding campaign for INVITATION TO DANCE ended with fireworks and hoorays! Together, we raised $30,700. We are humbled by your generosity, and feel deep gratitude toward each of you. You have given us the means to finish the film. The outpouring of support from such a broad spectrum of people proves that there is a ready audience for the film.

Once the film is finished, we will move on to distribution, film festival entry, and then begin screenings across the country and internationally. We will keep you updated on our progress and will continue to strengthen the community around the film and the many issues it raises.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Christian and Simi

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  1. Congratulations!! Clearly the support is solid and behind this project! And how wonderful to be working on a mission and project that you are so passionate about. Can't wait to see the final product!
    Fran Prezant